The LightSpot Healing Center
Massage That Makes a Difference


"I have been to countless different massage therapists and NO ONE has so precisely and quickly tackled my specific needs as Kathy. I now live in Miami, FL, and am tempted to move to Kansas City for the whole reason of having Kathy as my masseuse. She will assess your personal "kinks" and pressure points and you will leave more relaxed and rejuvenated than you believed possible. I highly recommend you give her a try!!!"
     - K.P.B. Student, University of Miami School of Medicine

"I was referred for massage my a chiropractor when that therapy alone was not solving the problem with my lumbar spine. Thanks to Kathy's work, I can sleep, I can walk, and I can live again without pain. She is gentle, caring, and her work reflects her concern for her clients. She can take one look at the way you stand, sit, or walk and know which areas to target during the current session. Kathy's therapeutic massage was definitely the right choice to help speed my healing process."
     - G.W., Computer Software Trainer

"Kathy's services are professional and effective and comforting. I have and will continue to recommend her."
     - B.C., Architect

"I came to Kathy with some consistent and nagging pain in my neck, shoulders, and down one arm. I was experiencing tingling and occasional numbness in my arm, hand and fingers, and could not turn my head easily to the side. I was so uncomfortable there was alsmost no comfortable position for sleeping. Kathy found the exact (and sometimes not obvious) muscles and tissues that were causing the problem. She combined deep tissue and muscle work with motion and pressure, and had me breathe in sync with the process. It worked! Now, the flexibility has returned in my neck. I no longer have pain in my arm, and I can finally sleep easily through the night. I lan to get a "tune-up" at least once a month with Kathy, so I won't get in that predicament again."
     - J.G, Professional Business Coach